Pentium Pro Ceramic Cpu Processor Scrap 100% Pentium Pro Cpu Ceramic Processor Scraps

We offer a wide range of high yield gold recovery for computer scrap products and below is a list of the CPU scrap types we have. PENTIUM PRO GOLD CERAMIC CPU SCRAP HIGH-GRADE CPU SCRAP/ COMPUTERS CPU / PROCESSORS/ CHIPS GOLD RECOVERY Intel 486 & 386 CPU Intel I960 & Motorola Cpu Intel Pentium Pro Cpu AMD 486 & 586 Cpu Gold Top & Bottom Cpu.

We have in stock CPU Scrap for immediate dispatch. The available CPU scrap details are as follows –

-Scrap Ceramic CPU
-Scrap Ceramic CPU with Aluminum Cap
-Scrap Black Plastic CPU
-Scrap Plastic CPU’s
-Ceramic Pentium pro
-CPU 486 ceramic

We welcome buyers from all over the world. Contact us with your requirement.


Processor TypeIntel Pentium D
Certificationce, Sgs, BIS(ISI)
64-Bit SupportYes
L3 Cache Capacity512KB
CPU Frequency200MHz
Virtualization Technology SupportYes
Products StatusUsed, New, Refurbished
Processor BrandIntel
Socket TypeLGA 775
Place of OriginGermany
Product NameCPU Processor Scrap
Main Frequency3.0GHz
Warranty1 Year
ConditionUsed Working
Memory TypesDDR3 1333 1600
Intel CPU186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960
AMD286 / 386 / 486 / K5 / 29000 series
PurposeGold Vintage Recovery
FormGold plated heat spreader
PackageTray Package

We can supply on monthly basis around 10-50 tons per month of Ceramic cpu scrap for gold recovery and scrap motherboards and lan cards.
We also supply sample order from 100 KGS.

Our prices changes according to your order. For bulk order or sample order, contact us for our quote.

Equipped with Hyper-Threading technology so it can handle four processing threads at once and a perky 3.9GHz clock speed, does the Pentium Gold have what it takes to compete in today’s highly competitive economy CPU market?
A processor’s pins, caps and internal wiring have more or less gold because it is a good conductor and very malleable. But you will only get low quantities of gold from a CPU, from less than 0.1 grams to around 0.3 grams of gold per processor.

The Pentium® Gold® is ideal if you mainly use a laptop to surf the web and do basic document editing. It’s a faster processor than the Celeron, but not quite as powerful as Intel’s Core™ i3 processors.

Intel Pentium Pro Ceramic Computer Processor at and you wont regret buying from us.

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