Gold Dust Powder

Most of our gold dust powder, both natural and the ones resulting from refining processes at our refinery are usually purchased by nationals but international buyers are equally welcome.

Dust Powder

It is a dry gold dust powder. It’s created by crushing the fine gold then infuse them with molten glue. By this, a mush is obtained, broken into items then it’s reworked into powder. The powder obtained is as fine and sleek as flour. It’s wont to adorn the cake, cupcakes, showpieces, and chocolates. It’s additionally employed in jeweler, styling fabric, and cloth paintings.
Gold Powder Online In Cameroon.

If you’re trying to find top quality Gold Dust Powder Online makers in Cameroon then visit the Prontoways of Community Miners website and choose among their massive assortment. We tend to are the most well-liked gold dust makers, Wholesalers, Suppliers, and Exporters from the USA for sale gold products. We all know the worth of quality and luxury and so invariably go an extra mile to render the finest quality of gold dust powder near me. Our products can never allow you to down at any stage in the USA.

Used For Skin

Gold is an inhibitor and has provocative will calm skin condition inflammation, reduce skin redness, and protect it from the sun harm and wrinkles. And you don’t need to worry concerning where to buy gold dust powder you’ll be able to merely visit Prontoways miners to buy gold dust powder.

Dust Powder For Painting

Employed in painting in order that it will last just about forever. The simplest use for it’s to use it to rub into paintings that have tons of texture. You’ll be able to use a sponge or a dry brush to the highest of texture. If you don’t like it you’ll be able to simply wipe it off with water. You’ll additionally combine it within the paint in order that it’s effective within the liquid kind and you’ll be able to apply it simply.

Gold Dust Powder For Goats

It is used as a feed supplement that carries live microorganisms for direct feeding to goats, cattle, sheep, and hogs to assist upgrade their show ring look. It contains no prohibited substances and it’s drug-free. It’s additionally used as a drench or to supplement a discount feed to regulate bellies. For sheep and goats use 2-4oz powder daily in the feed to supplement the diet. For a drench use 2-4 oz. powder per quarter of water.

Dust Powder Price

It depends on the origin of its country and also the Fineness of the powder in Hong Kong. The value of dust powder is $ 934.89 per ounce for twenty-two karats as per the costs of the international gold market.

Best Packaging Accessible

Along with the superior quality of gold dust powder for sale, we tend to additionally pay attention to the simplest packaging. We create the utilization of high-grade packaging that provides barrier protection against dirt, moisture, logical jostle, and any reasonably mechanical harm while transportation. We promise the graceful delivery and therefore invariably stick with our words.


Gold dust primarily refers to the fine particles of gold that are usually obtained from trustworthy sources. we are the gold dust powder online provider Hong Kong businessperson our clients is nearly 96% pure, that is beyond question a positive purpose to contemplate. Its lustrous polish and shine assure its quality and genuineness.


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