Gold Nuggets

As basic as this may sound, we also deal in gold nuggets, naturally occurring pieces of native nuggets and finer gold concentrated in placers by some watercourses near some our mining sites.


A gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of natural gold and a very rare form of gold that is found. Natural nuggets are found in rivers, streams, underground riverbanks, and in ancient channels by miners, and these nuggets are left in their original shape as found to make them very rare and unique. Large gold nuggets for sale have surface features. They are formed in all shapes and sizes and every piece is very unique and rare in its own way.

Gold Nuggets For Sale

Collecting natural nuggets is very exciting and fun, but it also offers a great alternative way to invest in precious metals. We only sell the highest quality of the natural gold nuggets online and make sure they are not man-made, straight from the earth. We work very honestly on the process so you can get the best and pure quality of natural gold nuggets online. Prontoways offer purchases as little as $ 50.00 for smaller nuggets lots (just over 1 gram) and we are also offering some individual large gold nuggets for sale and specimens for less than that.

Gold Nuggets Purity

Natural nuggets purity range within 16k-23k but mostly 20-23k. It is the pure and natural composition of gold. The gold is efficiently cleaned to bring out its natural color for further use. Natural gold nuggets for sale are extremely rare even in the gold market. Less than 2% of all the gold that is produced can be classified as gold nuggets other 98% of gold is microscopic gold or extracted through mining tons and tons of ore to get particles of gold.

Gold Nuggets in Cameroon

Our mining company is based in Cameroon but we deliver our products all over the world (China, USA, Hong Kong). Nuggets will be delivered in metal boxes. The nuggets which are shown in the photo have been enlarged to show the details of the product. The nuggets you will receive may look different because they are enlarged in the photo but they will be delivered in their original shape as found.

Buy Gold Nuggets from Prontoways

Buy gold Nuggets on Sale from our virtual store Prontoways. We have a sale on our products and you can purchase them at discounted prices. We care for our customers and their currency. Our professionals work 24/7 to deliver peak quality to our valuable customers. We provide safe and secure payment to ensure that our customers’ money can’t be lost. Buy gold nuggets from our virtual store Prontoways.

Worth of Gold Nuggets

These African gold nugget for sale are sold by piece not by size or weight so the price will depend on the size of the nugget which you will choose to buy gold nugget. Currently, they sell $40 to $50 per gram. They are worth more than their melted value.

Product Description

  • Product name: Gold Nugget
  • Purity: 20- 23k
  • Price: 40 to 50$
  • Origin: Cameroon, Hong Kong, China, and the USA
  • Packaging: Metal Boxes


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